Announcing My E-book

Announcing My E-book

I’m writing an e-book!

There’s a side project that I have been working on this year, and I’m happy to announce that it is ready for pre-order. I am writing an e-book on planning software projects. This is not a guide for project managers, though you could probably pick up a few tips from it if you were interested. It is written for those developers who work on side projects, or do lots of hackathons, or suddenly find themselves working on a freelance contract and don’t have the skills they need to manage the project effectively.

This is for every developer with a directory full of half-finished ideas that you never followed through on because you got lost in the scoping and the code got hairy and you weren’t prepared to make architectural decisions halfway through. I’ve written this for you, pulling together everything I have learned on how to effectively plan projects after almost twenty years of doing it. A lot of this content comes from lessons that I teach at Lighthouse Labs, where it is affectionately(?) known as “The Sermon”.

Unfortunately, I only get about 100 minutes to preach The Sermon to each cohort, which leaves some nuggets of wisdom unsaid. So, after collecting a lot of feedback from colleagues and peers, I have brought it all together into one book. I look forward to getting feedback on it and finding out how it helps younger developers get over the hurdles of initially having to manage your own projects.

Order Now!

I will be releasing the final, edited version of the book on July 1, 2017, but I am taking pre-orders now, if only because I want to make sure I get this thing done. Please check out the pre-order site, and get your copy ordered today!