E-Book has Launched

E-Book has Launched

I am so thrilled that 20k words of furious typing have made their way into Principles of Project Planning, my first e-book. This book, despite the title, is not for project managers. This is for all of you who NEED project managers to get your side projects done. This book is your project manager. It shows you how to plan your projects properly, and all the considerations you will need to make before you put hands on keys and start to build. This is for every dev out there with a directory full of half-finished, poorly-planned side projects that you keep promising yourself you will get back to one day.

Within the pages of this thrilling tome, I cover such interesting and necessary topics as:

  • User Stories
  • Database Design
  • ERD
  • Wireframes
  • Design
  • Working in Teams
  • Version Control

Full price of the book is $20. Just twenty simple dollars to learn so much about what you need to know when planning out a piece of software.

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